jueves, 17 de mayo de 2012

Learning Continues to Happen...More pictures of spanish class

Gunner, despite missing the first week, has jumped right in!!
What a fantastic Spanish school this.  I along with many others I believe will truly miss all the great people here upon our departure on Saturday!  The owners, Rolando y Nora are some of the best people imaginable and all the teachers are professional, patient and competent.  All of us have learned a tremendous amount of Spanish!

These are the fantastic owners of the school, Rolando and Nora.

A view of the lively Street the School is located on.  Just down the street is a fantastic Panederia, where you can buy fresh bread and pastries.
Josh plays an interactive game with his teacher!
Playing Scrabble in Spanish!

Occasionally two teacher will get together with their students to change up the class.

Sara working hard!
Students engaged in learning the Spanish.

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