jueves, 17 de mayo de 2012

Hot Springs

Yesterday afternoon, after classes everyone went to an amazing hot spring in the jungle.  We started our afternoon with and bumpy 40 min. mini bus ride past some traditional Mayan villages up to the hot spring.  The ride, while scenic, did get a number of kids, and me a little car sick, but we made it without a problem.  The hot spring is located a totally different ecosystem than Xela.  It's a full on tropical cloud forest, a jungle really, complete with multi-level canopy and huge leafed trees, mosses, and ferns.  What a spectacular place.  There are a number of pools to relax and soak in.  In the afternoon a huge thunderstorm came in soaking the place!  It was great!

This hot spring was completely wiped out by a flash flood just years earlier and then rebuild.

Students enjoy a cold coca-cola in the restaurant
Ariana is able to withstand one of the hottest pools.  Notice, anyone else in this pool?

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