viernes, 11 de mayo de 2012

Friday, May 11

This is Calais, on the Friday of our first week in Guatemala. We are having our morning pausa (break), and hearing everybody accidentally break out into Spanglish, it is easy to tell how much everyone is improving and learning. So far everyone has been more or less healthy and happy, and without the foretold dip in group morale near the half way point (fingers crossed). My house is just around the corner from the school, and since we have no roof in part of the house, you can see into it from the roof of the school. My homestay mother is named Pati, and she has two children, Carlos (16) and Ana (8). I think there is a father, too, but he is never home and always talking about a hospital when he is, so I'm a little confused about his role in the family.

One thing about Guatemala, though, is that everyone eats bananas constantly. The food is, over all, quite similar to the food we had in Nicaragua, except that I seem to have some banana dish with every meal. We've had boiled bananas, fried bananas, and bananas in our morning "oatmeal" (I think its just milk with a couple oats in it). But on the whole, the trip has been pretty good, so far, and everybody seems to be learning a lot.

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